2005-2012 Range Rover Sport Autobiography Conversion Bodykit

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2005-2012 Range Rover Sport Conversion Bodykit Front Bumper, Rear Bumper, Roof Spoiler, Front Wings, Exhaust Tips including new shape front and side wing grills.
Manufactured to very high quality in PP Plastic materials. This is a full conversion bodykit to make the 2005-2009 Range Rover Sport look like the 2010-2012 Spec. Comes complete with front bumper, rear bumper including stainless steel exhaust tips, front and side grills, metal wings and roof spoiler. YOU WILL NEED TO BUY THE 2010+ NEW RANGE ROVER SPORT HEADLIGHTS TO COMPLETE THE CONVERSION + 2010 LED LIGHT FOR THE ROOF SPOILER AND THE REFLECTORS FOR THE REAR BUMPER. Everything else is there for the conversion. Will require further sanding before primer and painting. We also sell the NEW Shape LED headlights and Rear Lights.
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